10 Bathroom Design Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Better

When you are planning a party or inviting guests to your home, the living room and dining area are what you focus on to clean and spruce up to create a great impression on guests. But what about the Bathroom Design Tips? Surely, your guests are going to use the baths too. So, shouldn’t you revamp Bathroom Design Tips too? Here are 10 simple Bathroom Design Tips that you can use to impress your guests.

  1. Lighting is a simple way of updating your bathroom. When done using the right tools and with some creativity, it can transform your bathroom and create an impressive ambience. Use some flexible fixtures that can be tinkered with if necessary. You are sure to gain appreciate nods from guests.
  3. The days of using rods and stands for tissues and magazines are history. If you are still using them, this is the time to junk them all. Use decorative baskets instead to hold tissues and magazines and to give your bathroom a great new look. Choose uniquely designed baskets for greater effect.
  5. Focus your attention on bath towels now. Don’t just pick any towel. Match it with the colour theme of your bathroom. It can give a fresh, new look and at practically no cost.
  7. A simple way of updating your bathroom with very little effort is to use decorative plants. There are special bathroom-specific plants available to give a new, trendy look. You can also consider faux floral and foliage with some great arrangements to add some maintenance-free updates.
  9. Another effective way of adding some punch and personality to your bathroom is by using curtains creatively. Shower curtains, blinds and showpiece curtains can be used to make a style statement and impress guests. There are various types of curtains available so it is up to your creative capabilities to use them in the best possible manner for maximizing impact. If you are going for shower curtains, you can add a set of attractive shower rings for that unique and special touch.
  11. Spruce up the look and aesthetics by using linen towers creatively in the bathroom. They are easy to install and can fit within your budget too. They can even be placed on the toilet racks if space is a constraint.
  13. Create magic with mirrors if you want to make your bathroom appear spacious without doing any major alterations. Mirrors, when used creatively, can add space and depth. There are LED mirror walls also available to give your bathroom an impressive makeover.
  15. Are the bathroom fixtures coming in way of the beautiful look of your bathroom? Go for some stylish faucets and fittings that can add a nice flair to the overall look. Make sure you focus on the functionality as well. It is a simple and easy way of giving bathrooms a solid makeover.
  17. Another quick and inexpensive way to update your bathroom is to replace that old bath mat for something that looks more attractive and colourful. Go for plush and stylish mats made of microfiber. They are soft, stylish and attractive. More importantly, these mats are non-slip and dry
  19. Bathrooms must smell good to impress your guests. Add some fragrant candles to make bad smells disappear. You can even light up a few sticks of incense to make your bathroom smell great.