Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That Work

For people who are forever on the run trying to cram in every bit of achievement possible into the same 24 hours; certain jobs tend to take a back seat. If cleaning the bathroom is low on your priority list; think again. Not just your own health, but that of your loved ones is at stake if it is not properly cleaned regularly. From an aesthetic perspective too, ugly water marks, yellowing, and other nasty stains make one wary of using such a washroom. When time is at a premium, you need hacks to ensure that your bathroom is cleaned regularly in the least possible time.

Keep It Clutter Free

Cleaning your bathroom becomes easier when there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. Please refer to our blog Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Accessories Look Organized, if you are looking for guidance on how to keep your bathroom clutter free. When washroom accessories like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving kit, and various toiletry items have an assigned place, and are replaced after every use; it saves you time as you don’t have to waste time clearing up before cleaning the bathroom.

Get a fresh smelling bathroom:

Hanging out towels and mats to dry every time they are used ensures that there is no musty smell hanging over the washroom. It also serves to reduce moisture levels there. Laundering towels and mats at least once a week is good idea to maintain hygiene, and keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Don’t Neglect Daily Chores

Clearing out the trash can daily, and keeping the laundered towels and toilet paper basket stocked will make your job of cleaning the bathroom quicker. One way to get it done faster would be to remove everything movable before you begin cleaning the washroom. That way you can swab and mop dry counter tops, shelves, the top of flush tank, and the floor swiftly. Reserve 15 minutes daily either in the morning, or in the evening to keep your bathroom sparkling. If you do the bathroom when it is dry, you can begin by vacuuming away dust, and loose ends lying on the floor.

Deep cleaning:

You can always reserve a specific day in the week when you know you have sufficient time for deep cleaning the bathroom to thoroughly dust, swab, sweep, and dry it. For example, you are unlikely to be able to clear cobwebs in the corners, and on light fixtures daily; but do it weekly. Use a long handled sponge to wipe clean the bathroom tiles; otherwise, the bathroom begins to look quite dingy after a few years. Spray some mouthwash inside your toilet. Scrub after letting it sit for half an hour to 45 minutes to restore its original porcelain gleam.

Use an All Purpose Cleaner

To clean varied surfaces in the washroom, spray the all purpose cleaner of your choice, rather than wasting precious time using several different kinds of cleaners for the basin, the bathtub, the shower area, and the toilet. Wash basin bowl, counter top, sides and insides of the toilet should be sprayed first. Use a scrubbing brush to scour them, a long handled one if you find that more convenient. Alternatively, you can use a paper towel for surfaces, and flush it down when done. Use the brush only for the inside of the toilet. Go easy with acid based cleaners, except where there has been a major buildup of water deposits, or where there might be stubborn stains. Pour, or spray some drops of disinfectant after running the flush.

Other options to get that sparkle:

Alternatively, you could make a solution in a bucket of water with your preferred cleaner, and dip a sponge into it to wipe clean the bathtub, shower area, towel racks, even dangling holders. When that is done, you can pour the rest of the solution on the floor, and use a long handled rubber wiper to drain it all off. This serves to remove debris like towel lint, and hair from the floor.

Be Watchful About the Kind of Wipe You Use

Rough wipes, and heavy duty scrubs can cause scratches on the surface of mirrors, taps, and cabinets. A sponge or a microfiber cloth would be preferable for wiping down blinds, windows, faucets, door handles, and mirrors. Rubbing the handles and faucets with a soft cloth, or wax paper helps them to retain their sheen longer. You can add a few drops of any massage oil, or baby oil to keep stainless steel faucets and fixtures sparkling longer. If you have chrome appointments, gently rub a cut lemon on them to dissolve water marks. The lemony fragrance acts as a room freshener too.

Try These Hacks for Greater Impact

Run soap dishes and toothbrush holders through the dishwasher once a week to keep them looking like new. Try soaking them in a vinegar solution for a while to pry loose the mineral deposits, and scum, if the previous option is not feasible. Vinegar can double as an effective disinfectant, especially when you use it to clean the shower head. You can use a mixture of methane alcohol, water, and vinegar to make your bathtub sparkle. Unclog drains by pouring some vinegar on them after you have dropped some Alka Seltzer tablets in them. This solution is more effective than most branded products for unclogging drainpipes.

Let your mirror reflect your glory:

If your mirror looks as though it has seen better days; give it a makeover by rinsing it with black tea. Boil some tea leaves in plain water, and use this liquor tea to clean the surface. The tannic acid present in it cleanses the cloudy look by dissolving all grit, leaving behind a spotless glass for you to check out how you are looking. Restore tiles to their original glory: Remove the grout between tiles effortlessly by applying a paste of bleach and baking soda (blended in a ratio of 1:3) on the tiles themselves, and in the joints. Scrub after letting the paste sit for a while. People will marvel at how you have managed to keep them looking new even after several years of use.