Benefits of Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower daily is a part of the routine to clean your body. However, have you ever thought that why it is always advisable to take the last shower of cold water? Cold showers not only solves the beauty needs but is medically important too. There are quite a lot of health benefits of cold shower.

Improves Skin

A hot shower opens up your pores for deep cleansing, which later gets clogged by dirt and pollution, causing skin allergies and acne. Cold showers are responsible for shrinking or closing those pores enabling it to retain natural oil, leaving the skin naturally moisturised.

Good for Hairs

As it happens for the skin, same goes with hairs. Hot water makes the hairs dry and frizzy as it washes out the sebum in our hairs. Washing hairs with cold water help in closing the hair cuticles, resulting in strengthening the hairs and adding shine to it.

Controls Emotion

If it’s hard for one to have control over emotions, then the cold shower is the remedy to it. Temperatures have a big impact on our nervous system. Routine cold showers develop a little oxidative stress in our body, with which, our system gets habituated. This prepares us for the frustration or anger management, as our body gets adapted of handling that stress. Next is, when one gets a physical sensation for intimacy, taking a cold shower is a key remedy to it, as cold water relaxes our nerves and help us to control our emotions.

Get rid of Depression

With the level of 36 per cent, India is the most depressed country in the world. Other than medicines, the cold shower is also a medicine for the people suffering from depression. This remedy, known as hydrotherapy does not have any side-effects. Cold shower gives tender electrical shock therapy that reaches to the brain through fringe nerves. Thus, releasing endorphins- the happiness hormone. This gives a feeling of optimism and high energy.

Improves Body Circulation

Why do you feel refreshed after taking a bath in the cold water? Or why do people think that their skin starts glowing with regular cold showers? All that happens because when our body is exposed to a cooler temperature than the temperature of our body, then to bring down the body to its original form, the arteries start to pump the blood even faster, leading to a rapid circulation of oxygenated blood in our body.

Speeds up muscle ache recovery

As already said, cold water shower boosts blood circulation in our body. It provides more of oxygen and blood to our muscles causing the cells to re build faster. Thus healing body soreness speedily.


The moment one enters the cold shower, he starts panting and then breathing deeply. These deep breaths, enhances the level of energy in one’s body, giving a revitalising kick start to the morning.

Improves Immunity

One more important benefit of a cold shower is that it improves the immunity of our body. A regular bath with cold water increases the count of white blood cells in our body which is accountable to throw diseases away from our body.

Stimulates Fertility

Next advantage of a cold shower is that it increases the sperm count in men, thereby, increasing their fertility. Though this has a small effect it’s a great tact to upsurge fertility in men. You need not to get into the cold shower instantly. You can lower the temperature step by step so that, your body gradually gets comfortable in it. ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR FIRST COLD SHOWER?