Best Kitchen Accessories Ideas In 2020

Rustic kitchen, modern kitchen, kitchen for restaurant, the kitchen to hang out in ― whatever kind of kitchen you need to style ― there will always be some common elements even in 2020. In many Indian homes, life still revolves around the kitchen as quite a few people have retained the practice of eating in the kitchen ― not out of respect for tradition, but because of space constraints.

Play Around with Colors

Colors make a vast difference to the mood of a kitchen, and the person who must cook there. Stay away from blacks and greys despite what pundits might tell you. They convey too gloomy and somber a look. You certainly don’t want to depress the cook, or the eaters, whether you hire a chef, or a family member like your mom, sibling, or spouse cooks the meals. Try light colors in the kitchen like varied pastel shades, especially of lemon yellow and peach, lavender, pale pink, or ocher that have a white base to convey clarity. Such colors have the double advantage of increasing the sense of spaciousness ― an incomparable benefit in small kitchens. You might try to add warmer tones like copper, beige, or golden with a matte.

Be cautious with white:

Unless you have an army of servants to keep everything spick and span, avoid using white which shows up the tiniest bit of grit. Oil and other forms of grease also stick to it more. Used sparingly, and more to offset some deep color, white is an excellent option for making your kitchen look more spacious.

Use Contrast Effectively

The best way to use contrast effectively in 2020 would be to play around with cold and warm colors for walls and accessories like shelves, cabinets, faucets, Kitchen sinks, and utensil racks. If you have white tiles on the walls and/or floors or tiles with white background to their designs, you could play around with Vandyke brown for drawers, or lemon green for racks that hold metal utensils. You could also play around with white in tandem with metallic finishes like bronze, matte black, and nickel for your racks. If you want to get adventurous, use a granite countertop for cabinets with turquoise doors. You could also introduce a backsplash to make an otherwise dull kitchen look a bit dramatic, or at least colorful.

Layer In More Natural Elements

The countertop is a critical element as you might use it to put down wet utensils to drain, to chop vegetables and fruits on, to knead the dough, or even roll out rotis, parathas, and puris. Therefore, you should what material it should be. A marble countertop has the advantage of adding white to provide the right degree of contrast. Granite will lose its sheen if you put wet utensils on it, or liquids like milk, tea, coffee, and juices spill on it. It, however, has the advantage of being a natural stone of outstanding strength and carries a touch of class. If you are determined to add black to your kitchen’s décor, the black Cuddappah stone is an option.

Try Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Items

You must carefully consider the kind of materials on offer in 2020 before choosing any. Quartz countertops, also known as engineered stone countertops, can rarely be differentiated from natural stone countertops like marble. Bamboo, which a fast-growing grass, makes for a sustainable material for countertops, as do palm wood countertops that use the wood of the palm trees which are no longer fruit-bearing. Environment-friendly materials include countertops made of recycled materials like reclaimed wood such as from old doors and bedposts; recycled paper;  embedding glass chips in a base of concrete, cement, or resin; and reclaimed agricultural waste such as sunflower seed hulls make excellent countertops. A surge in the informed use of sustainable and environment-friendly materials is on the cards in 2020.

Use Lighting to Cheer and Highlight

Strategic placement of lighting, such as highlighting the cooking area with a downlighter, and placing softer lights on the walls. If you have backsplash tiles, you might use accent lights to highlight them. Try the updated classic design with beautiful light holders of brass, and lovely lampshades for kitchens to ramp up the glamour factor. Expect to see the use of custom kitchen hoods to steer away from boring stainless steel or basic painted wood. Distribute appliances and furniture get gain space. Expect to see the kitchen larder has transformed into a standalone cupboard or pantry as a saving space measure. It could simply entail giving open shelves doors.

Create a Cooking Island, or a Double Island

One trend to watch out for in 2020 would be creating a cooking island when placed beside large windows allow in plenty of sunshine not only makes the kitchen cheerier; it serves to allow space for two different people to work simultaneously. So, if an elaborate meal is being cooked, or party preparations are on, one person washes the cereals and pulses, dresses the ingredients ― vegetables, fish, meat, paneer ― while preparing the spices; while the second sauté, fries, puts things on the boil and gets the cooking going. It increases your storage space when you install cabinets within your cooking island, apart from placing the gas cylinder below the oven.

Space-Saving Accessories Are Likely to Increase in 2020

Such a system is practicable only in a large enough kitchen. In a small kitchen, people will be constantly bumping into each other. This lack of space can be offset by utilizing wall space for your cupboards, and use of discreet handles for cabinets, and even faucets. More of such space-saving ideas are likely to emerge in 2020 with a corresponding set of kitchen accessories. Dual sinks already exist to scour dishes in one basin and wash in the other. Expect a rise in its sales in the household where almost every member has to rush out of the door by 8 a.m. latest. The minimalist trend is likely to continue in 2020 whether it is for appointments or accessories. People want a clean look in their kitchens.