Clever Ideas to Save Bathroom Space

Small bathrooms can be the most difficult to design and decorate and is often among the biggest challenges that an interior designer has to deal with. However, with the right approach and by using one’s creative instincts to the hilt, the challenge of creating a roomy look and saving bathroom space can be easily dealt with. If your bathroom is really small and has just about enough space for a toilet and sink, and a shower (you can’t even think about a bathtub), the conventional approach to bathroom designing and layout is not going to work. Here are some unique designing tips that can help you save bathroom space and make the small unit look spacious.

Go for wall-mounted toilet:

Wall Mounted Toilet This is a common recommendation by designers to homeowners who have to deal with small bathrooms. The wall-mounted toilet can be a major space saver and can make your bath floor look bigger, tidier and better. When installed properly and by choosing the right design, you can make a major difference to the look of your bathroom.

Install a shower stall:

Bathroom Shower Stall A mini shower stall can be the ideal purchase for people with homes that have small bathrooms. The one that comes with a partial wall can be a great choice. It creates a feeling of open space and at the same time also offers a sense of division and privacy.

Use fountain–style sink:

Fountain Style Washbasin There are branded sinks available on the market that can easily fit in tight spots. They are designed specifically for bathrooms with small spaces. Despite their small size, they look sleek with their swan-neck faucet and single lever. It can save space and add to the beauty quotient of the bathroom.

Save space with sliding door:

Bathroom Glass Door Sliding door is a great way to save space. The traditional door needs space for swing and can consume lots of floor space. Choose the lightweight material for the door so that it is easy to use. With the right hardware and quality fittings, you can even save on maintenance costs.

Buy tiered shelf space:

Bathroom Counter Shelf If space in the bathroom is a constraint, commonsense dictates that you think vertical. Buy a tiered storage shelf similar that can increase storage space and yet won’t occupy too much of the wall area. To add to its effectiveness, you can consider placing it in a corner, preferably near the window.

Fit door-mounted towel rods:

If the regular towel rods give your bathroom a cluttered effect, think differently. The back of the bathroom door is a great place to fix the towel rod. Just make sure that the depth of the rod is the same as the door knob so that the free movement of the door is not blocked. These tips are practical and can be applied to bathrooms easily without having to spend too much of time racking one’s brains.