Even Functional Appointments Can Be Elegant and Luxurious

Few people realize it, but your washroom is one part of the house or office where you can get creative, Elegant and Luxurious. Depending on your budget, you can make your washroom look like something out of the pages of an interior designing magazine. You don’t need the budget of a film producer to make your bathroom look like part of an opulently mounted feature film.

Use This Quick pointer

When you buy bathroom accessories from manufacturers and suppliers like Prayag India, even functional appointments will ooze elegance and luxury. Their PTMT SYMET bath assets come in designs and colours which can leave the users confused about the material used. Conventionally, brass, copper, aluminium, chrome, stainless steel, and plastic are used for taps and faucets. However lovely the accessory might be, check different aspects of its functionality before you choose a design.

Creating a conflict of design

Typically, it would be best to match the accessories in consonance with the rest of the décor of the house, office, hotel, or commercial establishment. A place which has staid furniture, and other appointments are soberly designed, should not be sporting swanky washroom accessories. The reverse is equally true, as a shabbily designed bathroom would come as a cultural shock to someone accustomed to seeing a gracious home or office.

Don’t Be Snobbish About Plastic Fittings

If the thought of a plastic fitting or tap has made you wrinkle your nose, and left you visualizing something tacky and down market; then welcome to the new world plastic taps and push cocks. The classy designs and colours of some plastic taps combined with their superior technology to control water flow, temperature, and direction create a sense of user satisfaction which is hard to match. Their affordability isn’t something to sneer at either.

Match Designs to Probable Users

Whether your taps and faucets are walls mounted or emerge at the end of gracefully curved pipes; don’t get so carried away by styling as to ignore the probable end user. The style you would choose for a hospital or school would be radically different from what you might choose for a home. Again, the style quotient required in a hotel would be different from what is required in an office or in a mall. The overriding concern should be of convenience, and ease of use. Something which looks Elegant and Luxurious, but requires a third party to explain how to use it, won’t work in any bathroom.

Look for Finish and Fashion

Always look at the finish of the product you’re choosing. Though you might feel compelled to choose something that is all the rage at the moment; stop and breathe deeply. Look carefully at the design, colour, and material, Elegant and Luxurious. Ask the seller whether it will be durable. Ask yourself whether you’re willing to look at it for the next decade or more; or whether it will begin to irritate you once the excitement wanes. Remember, the finish is a pointer of its probable durability.