Expect to See These Bathroom Trends in 2020

With 2020 almost upon us, it’s time to sit back and consider what trends will influence the designing of bathrooms, and what fittings and accessories — faucet handles, knobs, towel racks, and sconces — will be the top choice of designers. Whatever else happens, or doesn’t happen; ingenuity will have a major role to play as people have to learn to make do with ever shrinking spaces. There is absolutely no reason why a tiny washroom shouldn’t receive as sharp attention as a sprawling one. You can certainly expect people to play with shapes, sizes, textures, and colors.

Minimalism Will Trump Opulent Looks

Inspired by the Japanese, expect designers to prefer minimalism to opulence. Therefore, asymmetrical shapes for mirrors and other accessories will underscore back to basics styles to impart their own perfection to imperfection. Pedestal basins which free up floor space will grow in popularity for use in compact bathrooms. Open showers, i.e. those which are not shut off behind walls, or shower curtains, but are enclosed behind a glass door; and hidden shower drains will add to the minimalist look. Hidden cisterns of toilets lend your washroom a sleekly, modern look.

Get the Natural Look

Designers will be trying to bring the lush green, wide outdoors into powder rooms. That does not mean designers will be abandoning glazed ceramic tiles, or back splashes. In fact, shower walls, and accent walls benefit as much from glass, or mosaic back splash tiles, as the walls surrounding the tub. They have the advantage of not fading or getting chipped the way paint does; so your bathroom keeps looking stylish even years later, rather than the worse for wear. For a larger bathroom, you can experiment with three dimensional effects like a wood. So, the user gets the impression of freshening up in a cool glade.


Tiles are better than wall paper when you give your washroom a makeover, or are designing your new one. They don’t look tacky as they age.

Tiles to Add Oomph

When they are well chosen, tiles are value for money. So, choose them with care, and a measure of forethought as to whether you might get bored seeing a particular design. Moroccan tiles will continue to rule the roost. While neutral toned tiles, and the grays and blacks might predominate, don’t be too surprised to see tiles in soft, pastel shades like peach. As long as it isn’t anything flashy, you might find these colors soothing after a hard day’s work. Those going for light greens, pista, or even light turquoise might play around with textures. Here the matte finish, rather than the glossy (so hard to maintain) finish, might get preference.


Elegance and luxury are always subtle; never in your face. However, shelve the millennial pinks, intense motifs, hexagonal tiles, and lacquered cabinets.

Marble makes a major comeback:

Marble has always been associated with being upscale, and upmarket. It isn’t a poor person’s go to material for use as a countertop or for flooring. This is the reason why it is becoming popular for use in the bathroom to impart that deluxe look. Large marble tiles add to a sense of size, but use long slabs on the walls to make the ceiling look higher, if it seems to overhang your brow. Some people are suggesting installing a standalone marble bathtub to create a sense of ultra-luxury.

Terrazzo Ups the Style Quotient

Terrazzo will remain a hot favorite of designer because it is durable, and beautiful. This Italian material is made of a mix of natural stones, cement, and marble. This lends it a fragmented texture making it a desirable material for flooring, counter tops, walls, and back splashes. Strange though it might sound once you know the constituents of the material; you do get a decent selection of colors to choose from. Use wood for the cabinet to make it look more like a spa, especially if you have a jacuzzi installed there.

Colors Which Are Likely to be Hot and Trendy

Don’t be too surprised if colors like light yellow, champagne, orange, and pumpkin red are used widely. Shower curtains, blinds, walls, and cabinets would be likeliest to use them. However, as with any color which jumps at you; you might want to be cautious about which color you use on the wall, and which one for the doors and windows. Punch the bright colors with discreet grays, browns, and light Prussian blue. With the rustic look making a comeback, greens and blues of diverse shades, and rich jewel tones are likely to be a popular choice.

Finish Says Much About Quality and Style

Utilities like the vanity, tub, and toilet don’t need to be rough and ready as they are functional appointments. Look out for a variety of finishes ranging from the brushed look to the shined copper and gold look for best bathroom fittings and accessories, instead of the ubiquitous chrome. However, those who desire to give their bathroom walls a minimalist look might opt for the uber dramatic concrete finish.

Light it up:

The placement of the mirror/s should reflect light to enhance the sense of spaciousness. Using the natural light from a window will reduce the glare of bright lights as well as quantum of power consumption. This means that designers will lend greater thought to window placement in 2020, while reducing the number of light fixtures.

Is your washroom meant to be more than just a place to clean up?

Then, you might want to make a large bathroom into a place to relax by hanging paintings on the wall, or placing some potted plants there, even if it is simply on the window sill.