How To Choose A Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink is not the place where one would like to spend most of his time while working in the kitchen. But, it being the necessity, it has to be chosen in the right way. Choosing a sink not only includes the interiors but it also depends upon its utility. There is a huge range available in the market to pick from, which can confuse anyone, ending in the wrong purchase of a sink. We will confer various factors that should be thought upon before selecting a sink.

1) Size of the sink

When we take into consideration the size, then it is basically divided into two sections i.e. big or small. Then these small and big size has several subparts for selection. The size could be decided upon the space in the kitchen, kind of uses of the sink and the kind of installation that it needs. Say if you don’t use the sink for dish wash, then what is the need of wasting the valuable space of kitchen installing a big sink in it. Do consider your lifestyle before deciding the size of the sink.

2) The shape of the sink

Once you are clear with what size you want to go with, next comes the shape of the sink. The shape of the sink could be decided upon the use as well as what the interior goes with. There are different shapes available to select from- rectangular, round, round edges and farmhouse sinks. Farmhouse sinks are rectangular in shape with curved edges. These come in a very limited variety and will give a vintage look to your kitchen.

3) Choosing the material of the sink

There are several materials of which a kitchen sink is made up of. The most common variety of sink is stainless steel which is preferable by most of the population due to its less maintenance and easy cleaning process. The plus point of it is that it suits all variety of kitchen designs. Other varieties of sinks are

Granite Sink

  These sinks are durable and very resistant. These give an attractive look to a modern day and contemporary kitchen. People don’t like it much due to its freckled appearance, but this can be sorted by choosing the monochrome granite. The granite sink is resistant to scratches, marks and water spots.

Natural Stone Sink

  These sinks look very elegant and stylish but require very high maintenance. These neither resist to scratches and marks nor are affordable by everyone. It also requires special cleaning materials.

Porcelain Sink

  Such sinks are more popular in bathroom than the kitchens. Such sinks give an antique shadow and are available in any number of colors you want.

4) Sink configuration

Next feature that you need to consider is the number of bowls the sink will have according to your needs. The most common of them is the single bowl sink which explains its all-purpose utility in itself. This gives you a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. It is the best sink for a small sized kitchen. Another kind is a two bowl sink. Such a sink gives a multipurpose option of washing, drying and preparing in one sink altogether. Such sinks also give a variation of one big bowl and one small bowl or two equal sized bowls. You can even go for two single bowls in one kitchen. This depends upon how often you use it and for what purpose.

5) Type of installations

The last factor that should be considered is the kind of installation you want in your kitchen. You can have a top mounted sink. Here the sink is kept on the shelf of the kitchen like a bowl. It has its rims to support it. These are the most common kind of sink and are easy to install. Next kind of installation is under mounted sink. Such a sink is attached to the underside of the countertop. Its rim is not visible and also takes up less space if compared to top mounted sinks. These are expensive sinks and also easy to clean. Another type of installation is a flush mount sink. These are the most expensive sinks and looks the most stylish. The countertop is the same for the sink as well as for the kitchen and there are no visible edges found. Before taking a final decision, it is always advisable to visit a showroom and take up the knowledge of its looks and its functioning.