How to Choose the Right Faucets for Your Bathroom and Kitchen Area

If you think that faucets are simply functional appointments, and choosing the first one you see in the market is all that you need to do; then think again. Consider all the varied functions you expect your faucets to do, be it in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Would you really use the same kind of tap for filling a bucket as you would for washing vegetables before dressing them? And, when you shave do you really need a fierce spray, the kind you would need to rinse scoured dishes? Read on for handy tips on to choose the correct faucet for your kitchen and your bathroom.

Classification of Taps

Before you set out to buy any taps, you should first understand how they are classified, and what are the main kinds of faucets being sold in the market, which might differ by type, such as push-button shower valve diverter, screen aerator, flow control aerator, pressure balancing shower valves, and swivel spray. It is up to you whether you want a design with clean lines, or an ornate one. Know the kinds of taps which you can install.

Bridge faucets:

There are the bridge faucets, which really bridge new technology and old-fashioned looks. This means the levers and the tap mouth branch from one spot, and can easily be mounted atop the sink counter. These are used more often for the dining room washbasin. You get to choose from the traditional crosshead, Edwardian style ceramic inserts, and contemporary taps with minimalist designs, clean lines, and geometric styling.

Get Better Control Over Water Flow

The center set faucet has two handles on either side of the spout. It can be used for the kitchen sink, as well as the washbasin and shower in the bathroom. Depending on where you intend to use it, you could choose from the long-nosed bibcock, the double handled two-way bibcock and the sink mixer. There is the central hole basin mixer without pop up a waste system from the Dewdrop collection which is as pretty as it is useful. Remember, the pressure at which the water flows should also guide your choice as a low-pressure tap will not be affected by high pressure, but a high-pressure tap won’t work properly if the water flow is slow.

Try and Keep The Faucets Aligned to the Design of Other Accessories

The single-handled faucet has only one lever as the hot water stream and the cold water stream are controlled by the same handle. These single-lever mixers are better used where space is at a premium. Look in the Dawn collection, or the Evian collection, if you require a tall, single lever basin mixer. The deck mount faucets are fitted to the countertop like the taps fitted to bathtubs, like the swan-necked pillar taps, and bib cocks. Check out the amazing designs in the Mabel collection, the Divine collection, and the Dewdrop collection.

Ease of cleaning:

As the name indicates the wall-mounted faucets are fixed to the wall like the faucets controlling the water flow of showers. For the shower, you might prefer the two-way angle cock with flange from the Tranquil collection, the Mist collection, the Gracia collection, or the Europa collection depending on the overall décor of the bathroom. Moreover, when you use a wall-mounted faucet for the kitchen sink, you ensure ease of cleaning the rear end of the sink. It combines modernity with utilitarianism as it gets fixed at the height you need it.

Make the Most of Available Space

The greatest advantage of the spread fit faucet is that the handle is on the side of the spout. So, you get the water flow exactly where you need it without the handle getting in the way. It is similar to the center spread tap. Check out the Neptune collection’s sink mixer with regular spout, which is ideal for kitchen sinks. For sheer convenience of washing utensils, the sprayer faucets work best. They might not be glamorous, or chic, but they make your work simpler, and faster.

Think Convenience: It Always Trumps Looks

Since you will probably have the same faucet for several years, you must be certain about how suitable it is for your needs. When you have manufacturers and suppliers like Prayag India to service your needs, you don’t really need to compromise on looks to ensure convenience and durability. The choice will also be guided on the placement of the faucet. Do you intend to place it in the kitchen, or in the bathroom? For the kitchen, you should focus on the functionality, as well the kind of water flow that you normally get there. The best option is, of course, the touchless faucet which helps you save water.

The Materials Your Faucet Is Designed from Make a Difference

If resilience is what you are looking for, choose some material like solid brass to ensure it is corrosion-proof. Stainless steel, plastic, PVC, and PTMT are some of your other options. The faucet’s looks will be determined by its finish. You can choose from chrome, gold, and nickel finish. Its cost will depend on the material the tap is made of, and its finish.