How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

Choosing a fresh toilet can be a prodigious experience for anyone. But, does that choice depends upon anything else other than ‘the looks’? Surprisingly, yes! There are thousands of options to choose from. When selecting a commode, one has to consider size, height, shape, colour, function, budget and many more such things for beautification as well as relaxation of self. An unerring toilet can significantly expand you bathroom experience. Prayag India has an unparalleled range of exclusive designs that could fit one's desires. Here, we will analyze the various aspects of a commode while facilitating you on how to choose a precise toilet for your bathroom.

1. Check for the New Invention in the Market

Before acquiring anything regularly, one should always look into the new designs in the market. It’s not only about toilets, but with everything that has to be purchased. Every now and then the design and the pattern changes. At times, you get some extraordinary functions that are beyond ones expectations. So, it’s advisable to always look for the latest innovations.

2. Select the correct array for your Restroom

There are several designs of toilets available in the market. Selecting the right one that goes well with the bathroom interiors. This will add an elegance to the vicinity. One can choose from a squatting toilet (mainly used in India) or European Water Closets (EWCs). European Water Closets (EWCs) again has two variants to choose from: One piece toilets, which are beautifully handcrafted into a single immaculate unit where bowl and tank are attached. These are the lustrous toilets with no cleavage between the tank and the bowl. Another is the two-way toilets, which have identical bowl and identical tank.

3. Comfort Zone

Now, next comes the comfort of yours. It’s solely you who can decide what you want - an Indian design or an EWC? Yet again if you want an EWC, then what is your preference, whether it should be elongated- front, round- front or square front. Apart from the look that it gives, the selection also rest on upon your ease.

4. Define the Rough-in

This is the most significant thing when you are selecting the toilet. The design that you are selecting should be conferring the construction at your place or else you will have to totally revamp your bathroom and its fittings.

5. Space to be occupied by Cistern

While choosing a toilet, you should always consider its size. Cistern size should be according to the size of the bathroom. Toilet should not get trapped between wall and basin. This should especially be cared for those people who have an aged person at their place. Subsequently, if you need that commode should not seizure space on the floor, then you can pick for wall mounted cistern. This will vacate space of the floor which will further help you to keep the vicinity clean and tidy. Such a toilet has just a wall hanging cistern, rest all the fixtures including flush tank is mounted in the wall. This is the most luxurious design to be opted for a bathroom.

6.Powerful flushing system

After selecting the design, don’t overlook the features of the toilet. Check if the toilet has powerful jet system with broader valve that spreads the water equally, for better cleaning system.

7. Go for the toilet that saves water

Here comes our social responsibility towards society. One should go for the toilet system that does not use extreme water in each flush. Due to progressive hydraulic designs, toilets are crafted as, such that, they consume even less than fifty percent which older toilets did. This will not only help us to conserve water but will also help us reduce our water bill. For saving water, dual flush system has been developed – one button is for half flush and the second is for full flush. You can choose both, wall mounted or regular flush tanks for such two button arrangement. With all the above facts, one can easily and wisely choose for an appropriate toilet for the bathroom.