How To Install A Wall Mounted Toilet

Wall hung toilets are mostly used in European culture. These toilets take up less space and look stylish as the flush tank of it is installed in the wall. The only visible thing is the bowl. It saves a lot of space in a small bathroom. It also has an advantage of height adjustment as per the user preference. Let’s go through the steps that would make the installation of wall mounted toilet easy.

Step 1- Get all the PVC fitting done

The very first step of installation of a toilet is the installation of PVC pipes for the water. And since we are talking about toilets, so in this case, the fitting has to be done for water as well as for the drainage. The drainage pipe will be installed as per the required height of the cistern.

Step 2- Get the bracket ready

You may get a readymade bracket that has to be fitted inside the wall. If not, then get the bracket ready by assembling different components of it. The bracket consists of a frame, flush box, vertical flush pipe and an elbow for the waste pipe. Fix the flush box onto the frame. Attach the flush pipe to the flush box and fix the elbow of the waste pipe to the frame.

Step 3- Position the bracket

Put the bracket against the wall and check its position with respect to the water supply and waste pipe. Set the elbow of the waste pipe over the waste pipe properly and mark the location of the holes on the wall and on the ground corresponding to the bracket.

Step 4- Attach the unit

Before drilling in the wall and the ground, check if the setup aligns to the marks made for the holes. If you want to readjust the height of the bowl, this is the last step where you could do it. Drill the holes in the wall and on the floors as per the marks made for it. Grease the edges of the waste pipe so that the elbow may get into it easily. Fix the bracket into the wall and the floor using the screws.

Step 5- Install the flush

Remove the cover from the tank and get access to cold water in the flush tank. Attach the internal flexible pipe to the cold water outlet and put the stopper tightly. Now take another end of the pipe out and put it over a bucket. Put on the water supply and check if the water flow and connection is perfect. Now connection this end to the flush system. Lastly, place the review slide as per the flush plate.

Step 6- Cover the installed unit

Cover the installed bracket with the cement and tiles or whatever you want the exterior to be. Cut the opening for the waste pipe, flush pipe, and flush plate onto the exterior wall.

Step 7- Installing the bowl

Here comes the installation of the exterior. Measure the waste pipe and flush pipe and cut it adding 5mm extra to it. Inset both the pipes totally into the frame. Screw the threaded rods on one level (rods that will carry the bowl) into the frame living 6 cm outside. Place the bowl against the wall with respect to the pipes and rods. Push it till it touches the wall. Immediately put the plastic ring, washer, and nut into the rods. Make sure that the bowl is leveled.

Step 8- Installing flush plate

Remove the review flush plate. Put on the water supply. Install the flush plate mounting. Connect the flush to the back of the flush plate for making it function. Place the flush plate over its mounting.

Step 9- Final finishing

Check the flush if it’s working correctly. Apply silicon seal at the back and around the bowl to cap it downright. To finish, install the seat cover over the bowl. With the help of the above steps, we can certainly install a wall mounted bowl, but it is always advisable to get it done with the help of a plumber.