How To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Cupboards

Of all the insects in the world, cockroaches are one of the uncanny creatures that creep people out. Every 8 houses among 10 struggle to get rid of cockroaches. Despite their horrifying appearance, they tend to appear at night. After the dust, they are the second most devastating factor that gives birth to allergies in the house. And nothing could be more disappointing than their visibility in our cupboards. We keep on making continuous efforts to get rid of them, but could not succeed most of the times. Here we will discuss some of the effective measures that will keep the cockroaches out of your cupboards.

1) Bay leaves

Bay leaves can be an excellent cockroach repellent. It does not kill the cockroaches but helps in keeping them away as the scent of leaves is suffocating for the cockroaches. Keep fresh or dried bay leaves on various shelves of the cupboard and under it. Or you can crush the leaves and spread it on the respective corners. Also, you can fill a bowl with a lot of bay leaves and keep it in the cupboard. Dry bay leaves scent lasts up to a year but the fresh ones have a bitterer aroma that is more effective on cockroaches. If cockroaches are a constant problem at your place then you can also grow a bay laurel plant at home.

2) Pepper, garlic, and Onion

Combine a spoon of red chili powder, some garlic paste and a tablespoon of onion juice to a spray bottle full of water. Let this mixture sit for some time and then spray the lotion in the cupboard, below it and around it on all the corners. This mixture will definitely kill the cockroaches if they take its aroma.

3) Borax

Mix up equal quantities of borax and sugar. Spread this mixture in, around and under the cupboard, and on all the places where you have seen the cockroaches earlier. Once cockroaches or any other insect eats the mixture, it will harm its digestive system leading to its end. This powder should be kept dry as it will lose its effectiveness if got wet.

4) Diatomite

This is a natural powder which can help you to get your home not only cockroach free but all bug-free. Apply it on the base of the cupboard with the help of a brush. It kills the bugs by perforating their skin, then the insect gets dried and finally die. This powder is not harmful to humans or any mammals. 5) Using dehumidifiers Humidity and moisture attract cockroaches. Dehumidifiers reduce humidity and keep the place dry. Install moisture- desiccant humidifier box in the cupboards. This will keep the place dry, thereby keeping the cupboard dry and preventing the cockroaches to get into the cupboard.

6) Mint Oil

This kind of oil is used in most of the insect repellent sprays. Spraying mint oil in the cupboards and other areas will prevent the cockroaches to dwell in it. This may not act as fast as other poisonous sprays but it is nonharmful to humans and leaves behind a pleasant aroma.

7) Using Household Bleach

Sodium hypochlorite- household bleach is the most effective insect repellent to be used at a place. If used correctly, it can not only finish up the cockroaches but also can result in a pest-free home. The solution is easy to form. Merely mix one part of bleach with nine parts of water to form the disinfectant solution. Wipe the shelves of the cupboard with this solution on a regular basis and in a few days, you will see no cockroaches in the cupboard. If none of the above methods work, then you finally will have to call for pest control experts. Do not try to kill the cockroaches by your own self, this may accidentally increase their population. When not killed properly, the half-dead cockroaches release eggs that give birth to more of its kind. Remember, cockroaches do not enter the clean and dry places, so try to clean your home and cupboards regularly.