How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Elegant

A bathroom is a place where one spends his ‘me time’. Everyone dreams of having a large luxurious bathroom with a separate shower and bathtub. Whether your dream comes true or not, but surely using the following tips can make your bathroom look stylish and elegant. Renovation of a bathroom requires a lot of investment. So making a wise choice of the color pallet and other fixtures and installation at the very first instinct would save you from all time investment.

1) Go all white

White is a color that is always vogueish. No more color is as elegant as white. Generally, people go for white sanitary wares and bathtubs. Along with these, if we go for white walls, white tiles, white vanity and so on, this will give a new name to sophistication. Adding brass faucets to it will be of great advantage. All white will make the space airier and it will look bigger too.

2) Double tone

Either choosing two contrasting tiles or a tile and complementary paint color will also look decent in a bathroom. Go for pastel shades or greys and blues. Let the colors blend together. Mono-color walls with some different flooring like wooden would also look classy.

3) Colour Bleed

Let the colors bleed and take the full space. Let the same tile go for the full flooring including the shower space. This will make space look big and illustrate that the shower is also a part of the same bathroom. Similarly, use the same tiles on the walls of the bathroom. The more you go this way, cleaner space will look.

4) Vanity

Do not use all the empty space for the vanity. Install the vanity box preferably at one place or two if you have a bigger bathroom. You can play in a single color for the entire bathroom including the vanity or, use monochrome for the complete bathroom except for the vanity. This will highlight the vanity as a showpiece. Usually, the place of vanity is below the basin. A wooden vanity speaks for itself.

5) Use big mirrors

Nothing can make a bathroom look magnificent other than the mirrors that touch the ceiling. Large mirrors bring up a lavish appearance in any new, old or dull bathroom. Go for big mirrors with a beautiful frame or get it attached to the wall. Anyway, big mirrors bring life to a bathroom. Proper lighting above the mirror will be a feast.

6) Selection of lights

The best option will be if you get a natural source of light. Natural light looks best in the bathroom. Otherwise, go for a neutral shade of artificial bright lights in the bathroom. Light plays a vital role. It can make up a shady place in a beautiful room. Designer or basic lights will be used at various places in a bathroom depending upon the look, design, and requirement.

7) Window shades

A window in the bathroom looks great as it gives a way to natural lighting. But at the same time, we also want to secure our privacy. Cover the window with curtains, window blinds or use a decorative film to cover it. You can also get it covered by wooden blinds. Wood always gives a rich look to the bathroom.

8) Use glass panel

Replacing the shower curtains with a glass panel will give a sober look. This will make the room visually more intact and spacious. Also, this gives a private niche to the shower area.

9) Faucets and fixtures

Using brass faucets and fixtures make the appearance of the bathroom classier. If not possible, then using a tint of brass in the fixtures would also help. A vintage theme bathroom makes brass fixtures mandatory.

10) Bathtub

You are a bath person or not, but adding a bathtub in the room automatically raise the standard of it. Do not forget to finish it with a beautiful curtain to give it a perfect feel.

11) Storage

Try to keep more of the things inside the vanity. The less the products will be seen on the natural stone or marble shelf, the more appealing the place will look. Keep only the items that are important on top.

12) Bathroom Accessories

Using a beautiful fancy bath set will add to the look of the room. Plants in beautiful pots will give a feeling of freshness and relaxation in the bathroom. Fancy contrasting rugs are the necessity for visual as well as utility purpose.