How to Save Money by Simply Saving Water Using Modern Bathroom Fittings and Technology

Do you realize that you can save money by simply Saving Water? Where do you use water the most in your home? Quite obviously, in the bathroom. Hence, it becomes imperative to start planning to save water and the focus area should be your bathroom. Most of us don’t even realize that we are wasting water and liters and liters of this precious liquid and that it is taking a lot of our hard-earned money along with it down the drain, literally. Yes, it is possible to save water, and money, by making some simple changes to our bathroom. Bathroom designing professionals recommend that you follow these simple steps right away and start saving water from today.

Change your toilet:

The toilet is the biggest water wasting point in any bathroom. If you are still using a bathroom that has gone out of style a few years back, act now and upgrade to improve efficiency. Dual flush toilets offer you the option of full-flush and half-flush when needed. There are water-saving toilets available on the market that can reduce water usage by as much as 20 percent. A simple calculation will tell you that it adds up to thousands of liters a year. That can translate into huge savings. You don’t have to compromise on aesthetics when you choose water-saving toilets. They are available in stunning designs and in a range of colors.

Have a re-look at the faucets:

It makes sense to change a leaking faucet but you will be surprised to know that most households don’t. The amount of water lost through leaking faucets can be colossal though it may not be very visible. Even the loss of a drop a minute can add up to many liters in a day. While changing faucets, consider upgrading to a new brand with advanced water-saving features. You can save up to 30 percent of water with these new, sleek and efficient fittings.

Go for water-efficient showers:

It is a known fact that when you shower you waste more water than when you use the bucket for a bath. However, if you are a fan of showering, consider replacing the existing water-wasting design with something that’s more efficient. Showering technology has evolved significantly in the recent past. There are showers with narrow heads that save water on every bath. Then, there are the powerful ones that provide an incredible spray without drawing water in large quantities. With a water-efficient shower, you can easily save up to 40 per cent or even more water.

Redo the countertop:

While renovating the bathroom, make sure that you choose a countertop material that’s easy to clean and maintain. Laminate and quartzite are hot favourites right now as they can look great but also provide high functionality. You could end up spending a bit more but it can save you money in the long term as it needs minimal washing and cleaning. There has been significant progress in water-saving technology. The focus is on creating fittings and fixtures that can save water in your home. Modern fittings can help save water without compromising on the performance aspects. Make sure that you do your bathroom upgrade by choosing Saving Water and performance efficient fixtures and fittings.