Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Accessories Look Organized

You need to keep several things in your bathroom for convenience. Even if you have limited space, you can make it look spacious, and luxurious. The trick lies in planning how to make it look thoroughly organized, while keeping everything within easy reach. Does it seem a tall order to you? Read on to find out how.

Make Optimal Use of the Shower Area: Do Away With the Shower Partition

Unless you have a large, sprawling bathroom; do away with the tub. It eats up way too much space, especially floor space. Instead, install the kind of shower you prefer — choose any from the hand held, to the overhead, or the wall mounted in accordance with your convenience. You use less space when you use a shower curtain as it can be drawn open when not in use. If you install a frosted glass wall to enclose the shower area, it stays there always. However, the area can be used to make the bathroom look more spacious if the curtains are drawn after use.

Install a shower caddy:

Hanging a shower caddy, which is essentially a hanging organizer, ensures you have all bathroom accessories like bath oils, toilet soap, loofah, shampoo, conditioner, pedicure implements like foot scrub, and lotions at hand when needed, instead of cluttering your bathroom.

Take Advantage of the Wall Hung Push Button Dispenser

If you are afraid of your tiered caddy getting wet from shower splashes, you could opt for a wall hung, push button dispenser. All you have to do is push a button for the right product to pop out. When you are done, simply replace it, and your bathroom looks neat and clean always. Walled shelves, especially which make use of the corners, to keep your electronic items organized and dry are another great option.

Use drawer dividers:

If you have installed a cabinet inset in the wall, you might want to add drawer dividers to keep the contents of the top drawer from getting jumbled. That will separate your oral care items from the face care ones, and the hair dressing accessories. So, you won’t have to fear your dental floss getting entangled with your hair brush or bobby pins.

Wall hung trays:

Wall hung trays to hold face care items ranging from soaps, face wash, gels, and creams keep them in one place without clutter. You might prefer to have such a tray over the wash basin, rather than in the shower area, in case you decide to add your shaving kit to it. You might even want to hand a toothbrush organizer on the wall above the wash basin.

Maximize use of the toilet area:

You could also install a set of shelves over the toilet to stack things like magazines, dry linen, room freshener, and spare toilet rolls. These shelves could also hold things like jars containing cotton balls, baby’s bath toys, and even the first aid kit box. Also, you place your trash can beside the WC to use the area efficiently.

Use Your Door Sapiently

While you can place hooks to keep your change of clothes, or bath robe, or a rod to keep your bath towel dry; don’t neglect the area above the door. Few people realize that placing shelves above the bathroom door can keep things like jars and bottles used for cleaning the bathroom, spare linen, and extra toiletry there works wonders. However, it would be more advisable to place cleaning implements like scrubs, brooms, brushes, mops, and wipers in a wall recessed cupboard, or under the sink cabinet. The trick is to ensure that your bigger shelves, especially the deeper one, are kept well above eye level.

Choose between a decorative towel rack, and a rod:

The decorative towel rack can hold several towels simultaneously. You can, of course, choose a double rod; one of which warms the towel, thereby drying it fast.

Convert Items of Regular Use Creatively

Hairbands are problematic to keep in the bathroom without looking cluttered. Push them through an old candle stand to keep them in place without their losing their shape. Place the stand on the wash basin counter for it serve a decorative purpose too. Magnetic S-hooks keep things like flat and curling irons, and hair dryer within reach without fear of their getting wet. Bins atop a cabinet can be used creatively to stack freshly laundered, and rolled towels.


A well organized bathroom means you have less of rushing around and hollering in the morning, since people know where exactly to find things they need. So, organize out your bathroom today, and gain peace of mind.