Latest Bathroom Trends 2019 – What Are The Areas To Focus On?

Planning to renovate your home? Are you sure that you have got everything planned right? Most of us do not focus on the bathroom and just go with the flow when it comes to designing bathrooms. You can think differently and incorporate the latest bathroom trends that are going to be real hot in 2019. Here are some of the top trends predicted by the leading interior designers. The bathrooms of today are not just hygiene-specific. It is also the private space where your thought processes are put to work. That’s why bathrooms must have that relaxing look and of course the beauty and finish where you can feel fresh and comfortable. The bathroom trends of 2019 focus on appearance no doubt but also on the functionality aspect.

Adding More Space

Families want large bathrooms nowadays and are even willing to forego other areas to add that much-needed bathroom space. If you are planning a renovation in 2019, you can expand your bathroom by taking up space from another room (unused wardrobe or the washer/dryer area). If that’s not possible, get creative with appearances like using large floor tiles that can create an illusion of more space. It is a practical move too as large tiles means less joints that can be easy to maintain and creates a cleaner appearance.

Increasing Storage Facility

With bathrooms becoming larger, you will obviously need more space for storage. You can either add more space or creatively optimize available space. In 2019, the trend will be towards creating more space through drawers, cabinets and shelves but without making the storage appear very obvious.  There are many ways of hiding the storage and creating an impression of open space. Cleaner space gives the appearance of a larger bathroom. Architects predict that in 2019, the functional architecture will be in play prominently. Go for modular furniture with simple and shapes.

Ceramics Will Be Still the Key Player

Ceramic tiles would be trending even in 2019 according to top designers. The only difference is that there will be a shift towards unique patterns and graphics such as geometric configurations, especially for areas on which showers and fittings are walls- mounted. There are ceramic products that look like wood, natural stones or even marble.

Cutting-Edge Fixtures:

There is a clear trend towards the use of digitally controlled bathroom fixtures such as showers and taps. These fittings make use of advanced thermostatic to maintain the temperature at a convenient level. These type of fittings are easy to install and can make your bathroom look hi-tech. Go for these fixtures if you want to combine functionality with style without disturbing your budget too much. These bathroom trends for 2019 are based on what top designers from across the globe have been recommending. You can create your own style based on your specific needs and creativity. You never know that too could make it to the 2019 trending list.