Modern Bathroom Accessories Ideas That You Will Love

Have you ever thought of your bathroom as a place you can relax in? Think about it carefully. With smart modeling, you can make your bathroom your restroom in a real sense. Even your guests won’t feel like coming out. Along with features that will enable you to relax, check out these modern bathroom accessories which will up your style quotient too.

Futuristic Accessories to Make You Feel Like a Time Traveler:

How would you like to have voice-activated features for lighting and temperature, high-tech toilets, or smart mirrors that talk to you in your washroom? Of course, think of the sheer convenience of smart showers, when you have returned home dog tired, and it is ready for use; or an automatic sink which knows exactly what temperature you want the water to be when you wash your hands and face. Just imagine! Your own homegrown spa! However, let’s not get too carried away, and consider more down to earth styling options if you are giving your existing bathroom a makeover, or moving into a new house or flat.

Bold Is Beautiful:

Check out your options for the kind of flooring you want — tile, concrete, or vinyl — and what should be the design of the tiles on the walls or even the ceiling. Remember, the tiles are not for simply decorative purposes. They protect your walls from the inevitable damp, and water squirting from the shower. Therefore, you could choose tile designs like arabesque, diamond, Moroccan fish scales, or chevron patterns in new colors, textures, and sizes accordingly. Large-sized tiles make your bathroom look bigger — a very useful aspect if have a small bathroom. You could pair black with wood finish, only if you have a very large bathroom. The darker colors will make it look smaller, while pastel shades make it look bigger.

Choose Between Traditional and Modern Styles Prevent cultural shocks:

Keep the style in sync with the rest of the house. If the antique look predominates the house, don’t go for any state of the art style, or ultra-modern accessories like doorknobs, towel rails, or mirror. If you have a jacuzzi, you might evaluate the kind of lighting around it to prevent accidents in the future. Far too often you might walk into a bathroom, and feel confused when you see that it boasts of a handheld shower, but there is only one ring for the towel, and no rail to keep your dry clothes. All your accessories add up to the overall style. This means that you should pay attention to even door stoppers, and hinges.

Prevent cultural shocks:

Even a functional appointment like a soap dish adds or subtracts from the overall impression that your bathroom creates. Just think: Your faucets, doorknob, jet spray, and wall shelf are trendy; but the soap dish looks as though it was picked up in a hurry at the railway station. It would be a cultural shock to anyone who sees it, and — more significantly — would dent your image.

Up Your Style Quotient:

You might not have realized it, but people would judge your style quotient by the kind of bathroom accessories. For example, choose a bath rug which has a pleasing appearance, but is rugged nonetheless to ensure it doesn’t come apart within a month since it will be roughly used. Its color or design shouldn’t clash with the overall décor of the washroom and should be soft and comfortable underfoot. Save space by installing a triple-tiered wall shelf, which will be useful and decorative. For example, you can stack your set of special bath towels on the top shelf; followed by toiletries required daily, such as soaps, gels, face wash, shampoo, conditioner; with shaving cream, razor, aftershave lotion, mouth wash, floss, toothpaste, and toothbrushes taking up the lowest shelf.

Functional Appointments Can Ooze Elegance and Luxury:

You can try out special styles for accessories like star-shaped fittings, brass door handles, chrome faucets, asymmetrical mirror, rainfall showerhead, or mirrored bath if you want to go funky. Give your cabinets a unique look with designs, which make the most of available space. You could opt for a lightweight fabric shower curtain, as long as you live in a dry climate. In a damp, humid climate, there would be the risk of mildew, lichen, and fungus — making it a major health hazard. Keep end-use in mind before choosing: A wicker, or coir, wastebasket may not be swanky but is environment-friendly. Again, you need to place it where it won’t get wet, or throw waste matter which is leaky. However, there are stylish designs available in synthetic material for properly covered garbage bins, which can be opened with a pedal.