Save Space in the Washroom Without Losing Out on Style

Space is always in short supply in most modern households, offices, and commercial establishments. Therefore, you need to work on space saving ideas when you decorate or redo your living space, office, or shop. The trickiest area is naturally the washroom, as you need to install a wash basin and a toilet there, while leaving place for people to move, or at least turn around. You also need to avoid giving your bathroom a drab look, especially if the décor of the rest of your house, hotel, office, theatre, mall, or any other establishment has a swanky look.

Make a Style Statement with Your Wash Basin

Quite often the wash basin of your rest room is the first thing that anybody sees there. The material you choose, the colors, design, and how well it is maintained will define the reaction of the user. Since people tend to judge by looks before they analyze the qualities of anything, as the Hindi saying points out; you would be well-advised to use materials like ceramic, stainless steel, porcelain, or stone — which could be marble or granite. These materials of the wash basin have a natural sheen which automatically adds elegance to the bathroom.

Placement Makes the Difference

When you opt for the wall hung wash basin and toilet, you not only save valuable space; but also convey a sense of modernity to the user. The wash basin solidly placed on a pedestal conveys a sense of security. However, the wall hung one can be placed almost anywhere so that the user doesn’t feel wedged between a wash basin and a toilet. Those who are really pressed for space can opt for the kind of design where the wash basin fits into the nook. This design utilizes space which would have been wasted normally.

Facilitate Sweeping and Mopping of the Floor

Similarly, the wall hung toilet free up plenty of floor space for you. The kind which have a concealed cistern save on wall space too. This gives the impression of the washroom being larger than it is in reality. Hygiene is better when you install a wall, hung toilet as it becomes easier to sweep and mop the floor beneath and behind it. A word of caution: If you are renovating an older bathroom, first check whether the wall is strong enough to take such continuous load, and how the drainage can be designed. Since these are usually paired with concealed cisterns, not only are they more pleasing visually; you get to save water too. Check the catalogues of sanitary ware manufacturers and dealers. You’ll be astonished at the sheer variety of designs and materials used to bring you elegantly designed toilets of diverse shapes and sizes.