Smart Tips For Maximizing Space In Your Bathroom

Modern flats leave little space for kitchens and washrooms, though these are vital for your overall health and happiness. Restaurants, offices, boutiques, and other public places rarely have space to spare. The trick lies in the nifty usage of the space available without compromising on style. However, it is only in homes that you need to keep several items of personal care, while keeping the bathroom neat and clean. In public places, usually people only need to wash hands, may be their face, and utilize the toilet. In an office, though no one needs to bathe there;  you might install a hand held shower for the ladies’ hygienic needs.

Know the difference between space saving hacks, and giving an impression of a larger bathroom:

You need space saving elements to keep your bathroom tidy. To make it look bigger, you would rely on visual aids, smart lighting, and savvy layout plan. Not all hacks to make a bathroom look bigger are based on optical illusion. The most neglected area of any bathroom is often the wall. Take advantage of wall hanging fixtures like adhesive hangers to maximize space usage in your bathroom. You can install a compact wall hanging shelf to keep electronic and electrically powered items, or conceal a cupboard behind a full length mirror. You could also install a cupboard recessed into the wall to keep bathroom necessaries ranging from personal care products to cleaning implements. Though few people realize it, a concealed cistern also saves space as it is embedded in the wall above the commode, and makes the bathroom look less cluttered, enhancing a sense of space.

Shelve it to free up floor space:

A wall hanging basin frees up floor space, making it possible place an under the sink cabinet with appropriately labeled drawers. You could also place inverted brackets on the walls to hold various kinds of dispensers, and/or caddies near the shower to hold bath necessities. Add double rails on the wall to hang more things there. You could also place the towel rail behind the door. Add open shelves strategically to make them easy to reach, and hold things like oral care items since vertical storage maximizes limited counter space.

Pastel Shades Are the Way to Go

Light colors give off light. When the color scheme of your bathroom is dominated by pastel shades, it automatically looks more spacious. Walls, window frame, cabinet, rug, shower curtain, even towels should never be black. Preferably, don’t use dark colors like navy blue, Vandyke brown, or bottle green as they arrest the eye, making the bathroom look smaller. Color coordinate the color of your sink, cabinet, wall hanging shelves, and the toilet to be in pastel shades. White is best, but very difficult to maintain. If it doesn’t sparkle, your bathroom will start looking dingy after a while. Indulge in the palest of yellows, peaches, pinks, turquoise, and greens for a bright, inviting bathroom. Go with varying shades of the same color to extract greatest impact. Most importantly, never choose colors which give your bathroom a drab look.

Let the Lights Brighten Your Life

Bright lights create an illusion of enhanced space. If you can get natural light during the day, there’s nothing better. Choose transparent, or translucent fittings for wall lights, or spotlights. Avoid downlighters, which are more useful for creating an ambience of intimacy. Reserve those for the living room, or bedroom. Another kind of lighting which is gaining popularity with interior designers is the flush and semi flush light. These are designed especially for small ceilings to create an illusion of a higher ceiling. Spreading out the lighting by placing them at different places is particularly efficacious in creating a sense of spaciousness. You could try and place it where it will reflect off the mirror’s surface without creating a glare, if space doesn’t allow for more than one light. Use CFLs and LED bulbs which consume less power, but emit whiter, brighter light.

Use Organizers to Boost Space Utilization

A cabinet which protrudes from the wall might make a bathroom look smaller. However, if you do have a cabinet in the washroom, use magnetic organizers inside the doors to keep all the small items likes pins and clips. Instead, you could use a storage ladder for towels, and toilet rolls; or a tiered organizer on which you keep jars and sprays on the bottom and brushes in the compartment on top. To reach things swiftly without throwing everything into disarray use a turntable like the Lazy Susan. You could also keep a tray to keep oft used products within easy reach on the washbasin counter.

Use corners wisely:

Fitting a wash basin into a corner ensures you make full use of available space, including places where few people would think of installing anything. Place it across the toilet, so that no one bumps into it when answering nature’s call. With wall mounted faucets, you can make do with a smaller sink.


With savvy planning, you can make even a small bathroom look luxuriously big.