The Unmissable Things You Should Have In Your Bathroom Cabinet

How troublesome it can be when you are covered with soap or bath gel, and you can’t find the loofah to scrub away all the dead skin. This means that you should organize all your washroom necessaries so well that all your hygienic activities are relaxing too. It also means you have a prettier, tidier, clutter free bathroom. Sometimes, it just means strategically placing storage items like cabinets, tiered shelves, under the sink closet, even hand rails. So, what are the things you absolutely must have in your bathroom cabinet?

Keep Your Toiletries Where They Are Easy to Reach — And Stay Dry

Massage oil, soaps, gels, face wash, cleanser, toner, creams, lotions, moisturizer, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, talcum powder, and deodorants are some of the things you will need as you go about your ablutions. You will need your loofah, body brush, and foot scrub during your bath for that tinglingly glowing skin. Don’t imagine that only ladies need these. Keep them where you don’t have to go fumbling for any item at the psychological moment. If you enjoy a soak in the bathtub, especially after a long tiring day, you might want to use bath salts, or aromatic bath oils for aromatherapy. Take a call on whether you want to keep them on a little shelf above the tub, or in the bathroom cabinet with the other toiletries. Your placement makes a difference as you don’t want mildew to form under the bases of the various bottles, tubes, and cans. The bathroom is usually the place with the maximum moisture in the house, encouraging the growth of lichen and mildew. This is specially true for shaving needs like shaving brush, razor, shaving cream, and after shave lotion. You might want to separate oral care products.You would want to keep things like tooth brush, toothpaste, mouth wash, and dental floss where they won’t get jumbled with toiletry items. You can take a call on whether you want a separate rack to keep your oral care items, or whether you want to stash them in the top drawer of your bathroom cabinet. You could also use drawer dividers to prevent the toiletry and oral care items from getting mixed up.

Heighten Your Beauty Effortlessly

Cosmetics are typically used to enhance natural beauty. From foundation to compact to eyeliner or kajal, mascara, and eye shadow to highlighter to lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss, nail polish, remover; you want them all in one place. If you often need to be out in the sun, you might like to use a sun lotion or a sun block too to protect your skin from the sun’s ultra violet rays. Place them in the drawer or shelf just below the toiletries. Unless you prefer to do up your face in the bedroom seated in front of a full length mirror, or at your dressing table; the easy way to emerge looking glamorous from your bath would be to put all your cosmetics on a tray which has appropriately sized hollows.

Place hair care items strategically:

Place your combs, hair brushes, hair spray, clips, pins, bands, and hairnet in the same drawer as your cosmetics, to give your crowning glory that special look. You might also want to use a hair scalp massager shampoo brush to improve blood circulation. It will ensure that hair grooming is done before you appear in public. However, if many people use the same bathroom, you would be wiser to do your dolling up outside it. Also, if you have very long tresses, brushing or combing your hair seated in the bedroom makes more sense.

Classify Towels According to Usage

From hand towels to face towels to bath towels, you need several kinds of towels in the bathroom. Keep them classified in your cabinet, so that even a visitor will know how to find them. Some people have a fetish for using freshly laundered towels, which is why you must stock them in the cabinet to avoid a meltdown with wet hands, or even dripping face. Also, if you need a large napkin to dry your hair; it should be easily accessible.

Styling Tools for That Well Cared for Look

There are many grooming, and styling tools like nail clip, nail file, buff, cuticle cutter, hair dryer, straightener, hot irons or rollers for curling, tweezers, and beard trimmer which you should keep in your bathroom.

Odds and ends which should be there:

Some odds and ends which should be stored in the bathroom are earbuds, cotton balls for applying cleanser or astringent, scissors, sanitary napkins, naphthalene balls, room freshener, and toilet roll.


You want your bath and cleaning experience to be relaxing and refreshing. Being appropriately stocked up on the necessaries in the bathroom will assure it.