Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Bathroom Faucets for Your Luxurious Bathroom

Faucets are a vital accessory of any bathroom, be it a luxurious one or an ordinary one. However, the styling of any luxurious bathroom, be it in your home or workplace, requires careful thought, especially fixtures like taps and diverters. Common to every bathroom is the faucets. Be it the washbasin, the shower, or the bathtub, you need faucets to supply hot and cold water. So, here’s a checklist for you to refer to when you are shopping for faucets, especially since there are a plethora of shapes, designs, sizes, and even materials to choose from.

Styling Should Not Create Conflicts

If your bathroom has an antique look with tiles and countertop finish which looks like wood, stainless steel or pewter faucets would look totally out of place. Maybe something like copper, polished brass, or gold plated faucets for that lush, nineteenth-century look would be more appropriate. Both copper and brass have the added advantage of being corrosion resistant. You can also consider oil rubbed bronze for a rich, cozy feel. Paired with a marble basin counter, copper faucets give your bathroom the bold and beautiful look. Its antibacterial property makes copper a particularly desirable material, and go with both the contemporary and the Victorian look.

For that with it look:

However, if most of the appointments of your bathroom are high tech; you might need to reconsider which material would work best. Chromium, nickel-plated, glass, and stainless steel would be both durable as well as complements the high techs gadgets like the steam or chromotherapy shower, towel warmer, TOTO toilet, touch-free toilet flush, and various electronic devices needed in the bathroom. Make sure that the stainless steel faucets have the silver look; otherwise, they will look down market.

Functionality Is a Major Consideration

All said and done, faucets are necessary for their functionality. Check out all that the faucet of your choice can, or cannot, do. For example, a touchless faucet is not only environment-friendly; it complements the rest of your high tech stuff. You want to stay clear of faucets made of plastic, zinc, and zinc alloys as such taps are neither durable nor chic. They would make your bathroom look tacky, without improving functionality. However, PTMT faucets have an elegance of their own; while some plastic taps have the kind of finish to convey an impression of ivory. The washbasin and the shower would both require hot and cold water, which indicates a requirement for a mixer or regulator.

Placement Will Dictate Which Would Be the Best Design

A wall-mounted faucet saves counter space on your washbasin. So, you can always go for a long-nosed bibcock stretching out from the wall, a spread fit, or a deck mount. However, if it is more convenient for you to use a center hole basin mixer without pop up waste system; you will be quite spoiled for choice when you browse Prayag India’s catalogs. There are the swan-necked faucets with three control valves. For your shower, your faucets will naturally be wall hung regardless of the kind of shower it is; but you would want them to be placed close to the wall. You might hurt yourself if they protrude too much. For either, you can choose between the double handled knob, and the pull-down handles. Choose from among the push-button shower valve diverter, screen aerator, flow control aerator, pressure balancing shower valves, and swivel spray.

Control the Water Flow

For your shower, a smart spray is desirable, but not for your washbasin. For the latter, you might prefer a steady flow which can be stepped up if need be. A single handle faucet would control both the pressure of the water flow and its temperature. A faucet with an integrated handle and spout looks neater while controlling the water flow better. Choose between the pull-down, and the knobby handle to ensure it is synchronous with the rest of the décor. The former would be better in the high tech bathroom; while the latter goes better with the period look. For the washbasin, you might prefer the sensor faucet.


Always choose the faucet which gives you greater functionality, or boasts more features as the cost differential will be notional.