Wash Basin

The wash basin is a critical accessory in your home. Kitchen or washroom, the wash
basin has a central job as it ensures the hygiene of the people who ever use it. And, you
don’t need to compromise on style or design. If you prefer a specific style, you can
choose a wash basin which is made of ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, stainless steel,
or any other material. Choose a material which is compatible with the general décor of
the place.
Size, shape, color, faucet style, and height are some of the factors you should
consider when choosing any from our range of wash basins. A shallow basin-like our
Bloom is ideal for the bathroom while the Breeze is very deep making it perfect for
families with small children. You name it, we have it and promise immediate dispatch
of products as soon as your order for items we carry an inventory. If you desire some
customizations, we will inform you in advance how long the turnaround time will be.