Door Accessories

Your rooms need doors to keep out the elements, intruders, and preserve privacy — and doors need hinges. Hinges are part of the door hardware that is integral to having a functional door. The quality of the hinges you install will impact how well the door will stand up to storms, and anti-social elements. The quality of the timber and the hardware will help decide how long the door lasts. We bring you top quality door hardware to choose from when planning to set your doors up with latches or bolts, door knobs, and stoppers. Your front door should receive special attention as it receives the most punishment. Also, the style and finish of your front door knob and latch will influence how people perceive you, especially those who are meeting you, or some other family member, for the first time. We offer an eye door viewer to add an extra layer of security.

Try our solid brass chains for that layer of security, since it allows you to open the door just enough to see who’s outside, or to receive a small packet/letter. If you don’t care too much for automatic door locks (it’s all too easy to get locked out with the key inside the home or office); you might want door accessories like a stainless-steel aldrop rod to lock your door, and a stainless-steel tower bolt to close it from inside. However, there’s no one size fits all — or style — for door accessories. It depends on whether your door is made of glass, wood, metal, or plywood, and whether it is the front door, the bedroom door, or any other door. For a glass door, or a plywood one which is basically a moveable partition, in an office or a boutique, you would need the brass sliders we bring you.