Cockroach Traps

Rats, mice, cockroaches, and various kinds of bugs and flies bring sickness with them when they come visiting your home or office. And, they love to invade places through the kitchen and bathroom drains. This makes it vital for you to install our stainless-steel Cockroach Traps in your kitchen and bathrooms to prevent any outbreaks — now or in future. We bring them to you in various dimensions and shapes to suit your specific needs. Though the mouth of the drain is round, the square head of our cockroach traps ensures that there is no scope for any nasty insect to crawl through it. Some of them have circular heads. The head is fitted in with concrete/cement to prevent the smallest gaps. The bottom of the trap has a broad mesh to prevent bigger creatures like mice or rats entering via the drain. You can choose between a covering which has small holes in it and a grilled one.

Floor Trap

In the bathroom, it is advisable to install a floor trap to prevent anything except the minutest dimensions from flowing out with the bath water. In a home where clothes are washed in the bathroom, it also prevents small articles of clothing like baby’s socks from clogging the drains, if they are accidentally tipped out with the dirty water. The floor trap keeps out nasty creatures like mice, rats, and most other creepy crawlies that love to infest bathrooms. You don’t want to greet a toad first thing in the morning — or any other pest for that matter. When pieces of paper, plastic, or cigarette butts find their way into the drain; it becomes a job for the plumber to come and clear the choked drain. Our square floor trap or round trap prevent such mishaps.