Kitchen Sink

Think of a Kitchen Sink as a long-term investment, since you can keep it for years on end if you chose wisely in the first place. Remember, this is where the health of everyone who eats out of your kitchen will be fortified, or compromised. You need to be savvy about which design would be most appropriate for your needs — the round bowl or the rectangular one. The latter is very convenient for stacking dishes as it has sheer walls, which prevent any utensil or plate from sliding. There’s also the single bowl solo regular sink from our Solitaire range for the smaller families. You have the option of choosing the single bowl with drainboard Kitchen Sink as it makes drying dishes after washing easier while ensuring that there’s no water on the kitchen floor. Its glossy finish makes it look like new even after years of use.

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

For larger families, and kitchens catering to numerous people simultaneously, we have designs with double bowls. Our Duet double bowl kitchen sink is also from the Solitaire range. You can stack the dirty dishes on one side to keep the other side free to wash vegetables, fruits, pulses, and cereals. Alternatively, you could scour the dishes on one side, and rinse them in the other bowl. Our double sink for the kitchen is as durable as it is elegant, since it is made of stainless-steel, and boasts of a superb finish. Place the dish washing bar or liquid on the edge of the sink with the scrubbers for convenience of use. You could install mixers to blend hot and cold water for ease of doing the dishes, and cleaning the sink afterwards. With appropriate care, it won’t look dilapidated or tacky even after several years.