Agriculture Pipes And Fittings

You want the water irrigation system on your farm to work efficiently for years to come. So, you need to look for agricultural pipes and fittings which are of superb quality and can remain functional several years down the line without leaking or corroding. We use the latest technology to manufacture just the pipes you need. They could be UPVC — for greater strength, especially if you are in an earthquake-prone area, and where you require pipes capable of carrying water at high pressure — or simple PVC when you need them to be lightweight, but durable and resistant to abrasions. We bring you agricultural pipes of lengths ranging from three meters to five meters to six meters. Depending on how rugged you require them to be, we adjust the weight of the pipe per meter. Our strict quality control ensures that our name is enough to guarantee durability and performance.

Chlorinated poly vinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes and fittings are an attractive plumbing option for supplying hot and cold water, especially in establishments like hotels which need to supply both round the clock, as they are resistant to heat. PVC is chlorinated using free radical chlorination to obtain CPVC. When you install CPVC pipes, it will prove a smarter choice than copper pipes as they don’t corrode, and are easy to install with solvent cement. CPVC expansion loops, elbows, end caps, and end plugs are as durable as they look elegant. Female adaptors come with both brass and plastic threading. Control water supply with the full turn concealed valve and the long-handled CPVC ball valve. Whether you need your piping for lifting high-pressure water to overhead tanks, or whether you need to supply water to the various spouts and faucets in the building; CPVC pipes are preferable as they are very affordable, and are resistant to everyday household chemicals. They are non-combustible without external fuel source; do not rust, or liquefy in water.

When you need food grade pipes to convey milk, fruit pulp, juices, bottled drinks, sparkling water, purees, sauces, jellies, and bread spreads from production units to the packaging units, your best bet would be using unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) pipes. We offer UPVC pipes of different lengths for different uses. They are free of phthalates, giving them smoother walls. Since they don’t react with the diverse ingredients of food products, or the chemicals in them like preservatives, coloring matter, or acids, and are less susceptible to contamination; they are considered safer for use in the food processing industry. We also bring you several kinds of UPVC fittings for use in bathrooms and otherwhere in buildings, homes, and offices like tank connectors, simple ball valves, ball valves with a long lever, threaded ball lever, coupling, cross tee, elbows, end caps, female adaptor with plastic threading, male adaptor with brass threading, long-necked concealed valve with different kinds of knobs, heavy saddled pipe clamp, slim pipe clamp, reducer coupling, reducer brass elbow, reducer tee, and reducer bushing.

Many people confuse the sewer (SWR) lines as being the same as the municipal high drains. The pipelines which connect the wastewater of the toilets, and the drain water of the kitchen, wash basins, and bath water from the tub or runoff from the showers are called sewers. In most buildings, there is no rainwater conservation. So, the rainwater runs off from rooves and cornices to collect in the sewer and is carried to the high drain. It is vital to have sewers of durable material, which are friction free to provide long maintenance free service. They can be interconnected or can be standalone. We bring you the most appropriate SWR pipes for installation in private homes, multistoried buildings, commercial establishments, factories, godowns, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, colleges, and student hostels among others. PVC is the preferred material for such pipes, bends, couplers, reducing tee, cross tees, double Y with door, floor trap, and P-trap in the toilet. When used underground, PVC has the advantage that trees don’t begin to grow out of them.