SWR Pipes

Many people confuse the sewer (SWR) lines as being the same as the municipal high drains. The pipelines which connect the waste water of the toilets, and the drain water of the kitchen, wash basins, and bath water from the tub or run off from the showers are called sewers. In most buildings, there is no rainwater conservation. So, the rainwater runs off from rooves and cornices to collect in the sewer, and is carried to the high drain. It is vital to have sewers of durable material, which are friction free to provide long maintenance free service. They can be interconnected, or can be standalone. We bring you the most appropriate SWR pipes for installation in private homes, multistoried buildings, commercial establishments, factories, godowns, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, colleges, and student hostels among others. PVC is the preferred material for such pipes, bends, couplers, reducing tee, cross tees, double Y with door, floor trap, and P-trap in the toilet. When used underground, PVC has the advantage that trees don’t begin to grow out of them.