UPVC Pipes

When you need food grade pipes to convey milk, fruit pulp, juices, bottled drinks, sparkling water, purees, sauces, jellies, and bread spreads from production units to the packaging units, your best bet would be using unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) pipes. We offer UPVC pipes of different lengths for different uses. They are free of phthalates, giving them smoother walls. Since they don’t react with the diverse ingredients of food products, or the chemicals in them like preservatives, coloring matter, or acids, and are less susceptible to contamination; they are considered safer for use in the food processing industry. We also bring you several kinds of UPVC fittings for use in bathrooms and otherwhere in buildings, homes, and offices like tank connectors, simple ball valves, ball valves with a long lever, threaded ball lever, coupling, cross tee, elbows, end caps, female adaptor with plastic threading, male adaptor with brass threading, long necked concealed valve with different kinds of knobs, heavy saddled pipe clamp, slim pipe clamp, reducer coupling, reducer brass elbow, reducer tee, and reducer bushing.

Plumbing Pipes

We bring you a range of pressure and non-pressure plumbing products which conform to the most stringent standards. Unless you are installing a plumbing pipe for a new kitchen or bathroom, you would do well to first consider the existing plumbing capabilities before choosing new ones. Upgrades of plumbing pipes are required when they have been damaged by an earthquake or massive storm; or else when the house is very old. In some cases, a house might have had piping of inferior quality installed to cut costs, but the owner desires to upgrade it. Whatever be the requirements — flexibility, length, diameter, ruggedness; whatever be the end use — water, fuel gases, rainwater collection/discharge, drainage, sewage; we have the best plumbing pipes for you. Whether they are needed to water gardens, for the factory, to service a petrol pump, for rainwater harvesting, or to service a hotel; we have the best match for you.