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PTMT Faucets

You’ll be blown away by the beauty and design of our PTMT Faucets, especially when you see their finish. Their colours could leave you confused as to whether you are looking at poly tetramethylene terephthalate (PTMT), or ivory, or some other material. They up the style quotient in any bathroom they are used. At Prayag India, we have combined synthetic material with metal (called Symet for convenience) to bring particularly durable taps for our customers. Your choices are many — from the sink mixer with flange, the swing arm sink cock to the pillar cock, and the wall mounted mixer — just pick the one which serves the need better. Always choose a design which is convenient to use as well as suits the purpose. For example, the two-way bibcock would be more appropriate for the kitchen; while the 2 in 1 angle cock would be useful in the bathroom to service the shower.

Plastic Taps

There’s nothing tacky or down market about any plastic taps from our range. Since you require different taps in a kitchen from what you might require in a bathroom, check out the designs which work best for you. Our superior technology ensures better control over water flow, temperature, and direction which creates a sense of user satisfaction that is hard to match. The type of handle you choose will determine ease of use. The typical cross handle is easier to grip and turn with soapy hands. Both the ebony coloured Cobra angle cock and the T-handled angle cock are good for use in the shower. The Smart bib cock with a long body is useful where you need to have your tap at a significant distance from the wall, or for use with a handheld the shower.