If you are getting your bathroom redone, or planning a new one, a major decision will be with regard to the kind of cisterns needed, depending on how many bathrooms are being readied. A public comfort room would require several kinds of toilets installed to cater to the needs of men, women, and children. The cistern should match the toilet suite as a wall hung water closet would need a concealed cistern. However, keep in mind that a separate access to the concealed cistern should be installed during the installation of the wall hung toilet to facilitate future repairs, and maintenance. Our Gracia, Macasa, and Duo cisterns give just that touch of modernity which makes your bathroom look so stylish. The new click position of the square Actuator knob with its glossy finish has proven popular with homemakers who desire cleaner lines, more luxury, and more comfort.

Toilet Cistern

Typically, back to wall toilets are shorter than the traditional ones as the cistern is concealed in the wall. In some large mansions, a false wall is created for the drainage line and cistern just behind the toilet. When you choose a toilet cistern from the Vintage range, you ensure a sense of luxury in your washroom. The Designer suite adds advanced technology to its sleek design, thereby conveying a sense of modernity without compromising on elegance. You could also check to see what material it is constructed with, and how much water is being flushed out each time. The Smart range lives up to its name. The Elantra and the Urbona have an elegant design, which is compact enough to be used even in small bathrooms. You can save significant quantities of water, if you choose a dual flushing system like the Saga.