Water Closet



Water Closet

Our Aquifer closet is the preferred water closet for many of our valued customers. You have the options of using an S or a P trap. It also has a soft close seat cover, and twin flush fitting. It should never be wedged between a wash basin and the wall, even if it seems to save floor space. Such a placement would make use of the water closet inconvenient, especially for people who are ill, or have difficulty in moving around. Whatever shape suits your taste, and overall style of the bathroom — round, oval, rectangular — it is on offer here. The Artisian closet uses an S trap, and has a twin flushing system. The Arno is a floor mounted two-piece closet, S trap with round soft close seat cover, and twin flush fitting. The Laguna floor mounted two-piece closet has an S trap.

Toilet Seat

Perhaps one of the most critical components of a modern bathroom is the choice of toilet, and its placement. While aesthetics are an important aspect when choosing which toilet seat to install; you should keep in mind who are likely to use it, their age, and health status. Never make style and sophistication subservient to convenience as the use of the toilet seat is not optional for users. We bring you an imposing array of choices to fit your budget, and personal preferences. A properly chosen toilet seat helps to keep the toilet self-contained, while covering it for sanitary purposes. Color, texture, and material can be adjusted to the overall décor of your bathroom. Depending on what kind of climate prevails where it is to be installed, you can choose between wood and plastic. In a humid climate, wood might prove a dicey choice. Consider the durability factor too.

Indian Toilet Seats

Many Indians, especially the older generation shrink at the thought of using a western style commode. Therefore, we bring you Indian toilet seats in diverse designs. The health advantages of the such toilets, also known as squatting pans, are manifold. Since it keeps the anal route straighter, people who use them are less likely to develop hemorrhoids. We bring you squatting pans, Orrisa pans, and city pans for those who find the Indian style toilet more convenient. The major difference between the Orrisa pans and the squatting pans is the area in front of the bowl.  The latter begins straightaway, while the latter has a piece of ceramic in front which gives it a more pleasing look. Moreover, since these are easier to clean, they improve overall hygiene and health. You can choose from ceramic and steel ones. We also offer assistance in installation.

Wall Hung Toilet

Our designs for the wall hung toilet utilize the new dual flush system, which adapts flush technology employing bigger trap ways to evacuate waste faster and efficiently. This saves water, while being more compact. Our brands Cheri and Eve have a concealed cistern which helps save on wall space too. This creates an illusion of the washroom being larger than it is. Hygiene is better as it becomes easier to sweep and mop the floor beneath and behind it when you install a wall hung toilet. However, if you are renovating an older bathroom, first check whether the wall is strong enough to take such continuous load, and how the drainage can be designed. The Cairo wall hung toilet has a soft close seat cover over its rectangular shape. The Grace has a very elegant look which adds a touch of class to your bathroom.