Stainless Steel Faucets

Faucets with irrestible beauty and Prayag durability. Come packed with an everlasting shine and affordability.

Wash Basin Facuets

Anything but normal, Prayag Art basins have an artistic touch with ergonomics baked in. Soul of your kitchen.

Toilet Seat Covers

The art and the science of a perfect toilet design, Prayag toilet range contains products that are purely mesmerizing.


“When I redesigned my kitchen, the obvious question was which brand to go with. The question was not easy to answer but one of my best friends suggested Prayag. And that was it.”


Aditi Arya


Prayag India offers you a wide range of Bathroom and Kitchen Taps. Choose the best for your home available in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and materials.

The quality of the product are tested to ensure zero-defect product.

Kitchen Sink


A Kitchen sink is an essential part of every household, because kitchen sink helps to keep your kitchen clean and healthy.

Click to find out our latest kitchen sink designs. Pick the right one which suits your kitchen and your pocket too.

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