Way back in 1975, Mr. V.K. Aggarwal, Managing Director, started his career as a developer/trader
of internal bath fittings in brass, wherein on his job he felt heavily deep inside about
all the hurdles that Indian masses


at various public platforms like railways, hospitals, govt offices and houses use to face in their daily life towards their basic and most important living need of water for the reason that the public water booths either were not use to be in working conditions or had malfunctioning taps, had leakage problem or theft of brass taps made water availability conditions difficult.

In the absence of technology and no concept of bottled drinking water, he realized the potential of PTMT taps “Polytetra Methylene Terapathalate” in comparison with metal products and thereon decided to serve his life towards the consumer’s most basic living need of easy water availability.

Mr. V.K. Aggarwal the man behind the brand “Prayag”, made his vision and commitment to meet reality by making revolutionized PTMT product line of taps & showers available for Indian Masses. These PTMT products made sure that water reached consumers without leakage, without any wastage and safely. As these taps were absolutely leakage proof, theft proof (coz of no resale value of plastics), zero malfunctioning property and hygiene.

  1. Company started with PTMT product line of taps, with its first manufacturing plant in Noida

  2. Prayag struggled for acceptability of the PTMT product line for various Govt. Offices, hospitals, homes etc

  3. Prayag offered free products to certain institutions to analyze the viability and performance of PTMT taps

  4. Products came out to be a huge success and were widely accepted with special features of being leakage proof, theft proof, reliable and economical

  5. There was no looking back with PTMT’s success with brands like CPWD, Indian Railways, Defence, N.T.P.C., BHEL, SAIL, ONGC, State PWD’S, BSNL, Defence Ordinance Factories etc. using Prayag’s PTMT taps In the same year Prayag acquired ISO 9000-2000 Certification as well

  6. Prayag witnessed revolution under the leadership of Mr. Nitin Aggarwal, CEO who took Prayag’s vision another step ahead to take the commitment of quality, reliability and affordability with new range of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks adding a complete dynamic and young flow of success to Prayag. In the same year Prayag acquired ISO 14001-2004 E Certification as well

  7. Prayag added CP Bath Fittings a further successful range of brass and steel Faucets, Showers and bathroom accessories range committed to meet the demand of end consumers with latest style, elegance and affordability at large for commercial and residential purposes.

  8. Bathroom Accessories like Cistern, Toilet Seat Covers were introduced

  9. Addition of Steel floor traps & new state-of-the art- manufacturing plant located at Bhiwadi with total area of 12000 sq ft. and total covered area of 200,000 sq ft, with over 600 workers at the plant

  10. Looking Mirrors, Mirror Cabinets were introduced. And Prayag’s brand association as an official team partner of Kings XI Punjab

  11. 2nd consecutive year of Prayag’s association as an official team partner with Kings XI Punjab.