What is SYMET ?

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Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me” are the words of an old love song, but today they fit perfectly for an organic composition called plastics. One of the most versatile material in our modern world today.

Plastic technology has gone through a radical transformation over the last few decades. Today it has become a part of those products and components which were unheard of, a few years back. In the year 1986 after extensive research and development, Prayag became the pioneers to introduce P.T.M.T. (or Polytetra Methylene Terephthalate), a revolutionary material best described as a next generation engineering Plastic for manufacturing faucets and other bathroom fittings. The results were amazing and an eye opener for the industry. Since its introduction Prayag has diligently worked on many aspects of its various product attributes, to improve upon the quality of these ensembles, in terms of their finish, aesthetics, durability and performance standards. Today it is one of the finest product available in the market, with millions of satisfied users.








Why Prayag P.T.M.T. SYMET bath fittings ?

Prayag P.T.M.T. SYMET is a fusion of toughness, temperature & stress resistance of metal and light weight, atmospheric immunity and cost effectiveness of plastics.

Prayag P.T.M.T. SYMET has a host of advantages over their metal or plastic counterparts

Scratch Resistant

High Temperature Stability upto 120OC

No Scaling as in Metal

Ideal for Hard Water

Easy to Clean

Safety Against Theft

Wide Colour & Design Options

Long Life

Quality Standard

100% Foodgrade & Hygienic

Easy to Install and Maintain

Scratch Resistant

Zero Drop Advantage

It’s high time that we start respect water and save every drop of it from wastage. In-fact there is an extreme shortage of potable water around the globe. That’s why Prayag P.T.M.T. SYMET faucets have been uniquely designed with a Zero Drop feature that means that its dripless faucets do not let even a single drop of precious water from getting wasted, once they are closed.

Who trusts Prayag PTMT SYMET?

A part form millions of people who use our products in their homes, commercial establishments and factories, Prayag has also been patronised by many Central & State Government departments and public sector undertakings.