What is PTMT SYMET ?

Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me” are the words of an old love song, but today they fit perfectly for an organic composition called plastics. One of the most versatile material in our modern world today.

Plastic technology has gone through a radical transformation over the last few decades. Today it has become a part of those products and components which were unheard of, a few years back. In the year 1986 after extensive research and development, Prayag became the pioneers to introduce P.T.M.T. (or Polytetra Methylene Terephthalate), a revolutionary material best described as a next generation engineering Plastic for manufacturing faucets and other bathroom fittings. The results were amazing and an eye opener for the industry. Since its introduction Prayag has diligently worked on many aspects of its various product attributes, to improve upon the quality of these ensembles, in terms of their finish, aesthetics, durability and performance standards. Today it is one of the finest product available in the market, with millions of satisfied users.








Why Prayag P.T.M.T. SYMET bath fittings ?

Prayag P.T.M.T. SYMET is a fusion of toughness, temperature & stress resistance of metal and light weight, atmospheric immunity and cost effectiveness of plastics.

Prayag P.T.M.T. SYMET has a host of advantages over their metal or plastic counterparts

Scratch Resistant

High Temperature Stability upto 120OC

No Scaling as in Metal

Ideal for Hard Water

Easy to Clean

Safety Against Theft

Wide Colour & Design Options

Long Life

Quality Standard

100% Foodgrade & Hygienic

Easy to Install and Maintain

Scratch Resistant

Zero Drop Advantage

It’s high time that we start respect water and save every drop of it from wastage. In-fact there is an extreme shortage of potable water around the globe. That’s why Prayag P.T.M.T. SYMET faucets have been uniquely designed with a Zero Drop feature that means that its dripless faucets do not let even a single drop of precious water from getting wasted, once they are closed.

Who trusts Prayag PTMT SYMET?

A part form millions of people who use our products in their homes, commercial establishments and factories, Prayag has also been patronised by many Central & State Government departments and public sector undertakings.


Prayag India has become a leader in innovation and quality in the constantly changing field of plumbing and sanitary goods. By utilising cutting-edge components like PolytetraMethylene Terephthalate (PTMT), Prayag India has raised the bar for the industry’s requirements of sturdiness, effectiveness, and sustainability. We will examine the significance of PTMT, its uses in plumbing and sanitary ware, and how Prayag India has leveraged this ground-breaking material to alter the industry in this in-depth blog post.

Prayag India’s Ascendance: A Legacy of Excellence

Prayag India was founded in 1986 and has steadily risen to the top of the plumbing and sanitaryware sector. With more than three decades of expertise, the business has earned a reputation for excellence, dependability, and innovation. This reputation is based on Prayag India’s consistent dedication to providing customers with products that go above and beyond their expectations in the industry.

PolytetraMethylene Terephthalate (PTMT): The Game-Changer

The innovative usage of PolytetraMethylene Terephthalate, or PTMT, is at the core of Prayag India’s success story. Due to its remarkable qualities and many uses, this advanced engineering plastic has had a transformative impact on the plumbing and sanitary ware industry.

A high-performance thermoplastic polymer with great mechanical and chemical resistance is known as polytetramethylene terephthalate (PTMT). It comes from the reaction of terephthalic acid and tetramethylene glycol, and it is a member of the polyester family.

Because of its exceptional durability, PTMT is a top choice for many engineering applications. It is appropriate for components susceptible to mechanical stress because of its high tensile strength and impact resistance. Additionally, PTMT has exceptional dimensional stability, guaranteeing that it keeps its size and shape despite a variety of environmental factors.

The Test of Time-Proven Durability:

PTMT is a material of choice for high-traffic areas due to its inherent resilience, which enables it to resist the rigours of regular use. Because of its resistance to wear, corrosion, and impact, PTMT-made goods have longer service lives.

Longevity through Corrosion Resistance:

In plumbing applications, corrosion resistance is crucial. Because of PTMT’s inherent resistance to corrosion, products are guaranteed to be trustworthy and unaltered even when exposed to moisture and a range of temperatures.

Excellence in Hygiene and Easy to Upkeep:

The incredibly smooth surface finish of PTMT items makes cleaning and maintaining them a breeze. This characteristic is essential in settings where cleanliness is of the utmost significance, such as hospitals, homes, and commercial buildings.

The reliability of temperature stability

Even under settings of severe temperature, PTMT products maintain their structural integrity. This makes them appropriate for a variety of uses, including both hot and cold water systems, giving customers assurance and trust in their plumbing system.

Designing Lightweight for Efficiency:

The weight of PTMT is considerably lower than that of conventional materials like metal. This quality not only makes transportation easier but also increases the effectiveness of installation, cutting down on labor expenses and project duration.

Design Flexibility for Beauty:

PTMT can be formed into a huge variety of sizes and forms, enabling complex designs and unique solutions. This adaptability makes it possible to design unique, beautiful items that satisfy a variety of customer preferences.

The PTMT of Prayag India: A Sign of Sustainability

With its dedication to sustainability, Prayag India sets the standard in a time when environmental awareness is crucial. The company’s commitment to environmentally friendly operations is perfectly complemented by the use of PTMT in its goods. Since PTMT is recyclable, its production and disposal have less of an impact on the environment. Additionally, due to its long lifespan, there is less of a need for regular replacements, which supports sustainability initiatives and lowers waste in general.

Prayag India’s Wide Selection of PTMT Products

Each plumbing and sanitary ware solution in Prayag India’s product portfolio embodies the company’s commitment to excellence and precise engineering. Prayag India provides a full range of items that meet the various needs of customers, ranging from faucets and bathroom accessories to pipes and fittings.

Masterful Engineering Meets Elegance in Faucets and Mixers

The selection of PTMT faucets and mixers from Prayag India expertly combines aesthetic appeal and practicality. These items are made with meticulous engineering, guaranteeing a smooth and dependable water flow that improves the general usage of any place.

Enhancing Style and Functionality with Bathroom Accessories

The business offers a wide variety of bathroom accessories, including soap dispensers, towel racks, and shower heads, all of which are expertly created to improve the usability and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Each accessory elevates the overall experience by fusing elegance and utility.

The Foundation of Reliability: Pipes and Fittings

The PTMT pipes and fittings from Prayag India are designed to the highest standards of quality. They provide customers with hassle-free plumbing leak-proof solutions, ensuring a positive experience. These elements serve as the foundation of any plumbing system and offer the dependability and toughness that customers want.

Flushing Systems: Effective Water-Saving Techniques

The Prayag India flushing systems are created to be effective and water-conserving. They use cutting-edge technology to give potent flushes while using the least amount of water possible. These technologies are a step in the direction of sustainable water management and support international efforts to protect this priceless resource.

Conclusion: Developing Plumbing and Sanitary Solutions for the Future

Together with the remarkable qualities of PTMT, Prayag India’s constant dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability has elevated the brand to the top of the plumbing and sanitary ware sector. Prayag India is not only serving the demands of consumers now, but is also influencing the direction of plumbing and sanitary solutions in the future with its broad product offering and emphasis on environmental responsibility. Prayag India is prepared to take the lead as the industry develops and establishes new benchmarks for excellence. With PTMT as its guiding principle, Prayag India is changing not only plumbing and sanitary products but also how we perceive and interact with these fundamental components of our daily lives.